Thursday, March 27, 2008

Uppercut- Live On WNYU

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Here is the Uppercut set from when they played on WNYU.
Uppercut was a late 80's hardcore band from New York City. They had a harder sound, similar to bands like Outburst or Raw Deal. Besides this set, there is a demo, songs on the New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are comp and a 12". The band is noted for the song 'Am I Clear?', which is a great song, but didn't exactly agree with the giant straight edge scene of the time. I will upload the demo at a later date, but the 12" was rereleased on Blackout Records a few years ago.
I think this is a great overview of the Uppercut material. The songs sound more urgent than on the 12" and sound a bit better than the ones on the demo. The demo and 12" are great though.
I hope you enjoy the music!

The music is here...


Anonymous said...

awesome band and post! thanks!-Steve

Anonymous said...

I remember these guys presenting Choke with a NYC stickball bat when they played w/ Slapshot in Boston. Uppercut's bass player was in the early '90s Boston HC band Said and Done for like a minute.

More importantly, this blog is awesome! Can't wait to check out this set. "Down...for...the count!"