Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dmize- Live On WNYU

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Here is the much requested WNYU set from Dmize. I got a lot of emails about this before I had even posted that demo collection. This is a solid set and my only complaint would be that the vocals are a bit loud at times.
See the demo collection post for more info on this band!
Enjoy the music!

The music is here...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Side By Side- Live On WNYU

Here is the WNYU Crucial Chaos set from Side By Side. This took place on 7-30-87.
Classic New York Hardcore band. They had some of the best between song talk ever, but hey, the songs themselves are A+ as well.

The music is here...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dmize- Backlash aka Demo Collection...

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Here is a bootleg CD that contains all three demos recorded by New York Hard Core band Dmize.
This is really good. It reminds me of a harder version of what bands like Breakdown and Occupied Territory were doing.
Luckily for us, the music never wanders into boring metal core territory. Also, luckily for us, the music here is fast paced. The guitar solos on here are odd. They are played really well, but a few of them sound like they could have been stolen from an early Obituary record, which is not a bad thing. It's good too, because they all fit in perfectly with the music.
They went through a couple singers on these demos, but to me, they both do a fine job.
Listen to the beginning of the song "US", holy shit, such a great crushing beginning to a song, I imagine walls of people destroying each other.
If people like this, I will upload the WNYU set from Dmize.

The music is here...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Artificial Peace- Discography

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Here is everything recorded from early DC/MD hardcore band Artificial Peace.
This is great! The music is fast but throws in some cool slower parts to keep things interesting. Almost none of these songs are over a minute long. That is not a bad thing though, like it might be in some horribly shitty power violence band. They manage to keep things interesting all the time, even in a song like UXB, which is only nineteen seconds long. You see, it's not just a minute of noise and yelling. The songs have substance and meaning to them. After this band was over, they formed Marginal Man, who were fantastic, in my opinion.
Here is some info I found online about the history of Artificial Peace...

"In the late summer of 1981, Janelle Brooks started throwing shows in the basement of her parents' house in Potomac, Maryland. Usually these parties would feature five or six bands, who were usually happy to share their gear with each other. Most of their songs were only a minute long, and therefore the sets tended to be really brief. There was a pole in the middle of the capeted rec-room that everyone danced around and between bands people hung out all over the house and in the yards.

In September, one of these shows featured the end of 3 bands: Assault and Battery, Minor Threat and Red C. Things moved quickly in the punk scene at the point and bands would come and go, so it wasn't a surprise that a new band formed by Pete from Red C along with Mike, Rob, and Steve of Assault and Battery played Janelle's next party just three weeks later.

Mike's bass drum head had an upside down peace-sign painted on it and the name of the band was Artificial Peace. They were solid and fast and they quickly managed to bulid one of the largest followings of all of the early bands. They were one of the first DC area bands to play out of town, always making it a point to announce that they were from Bethesda, a city just across the DC line in Maryland. Ian MacKaye recorded a 19 song demo with them at Inner Ear and three of those songs appear on the Flex Your Head comp. They also released a split 7'' with Exiled on Fountain of Youth. The band would call it quits in summer 1982. Then later form Marginal Man."

Here is a list of everything the band recorded:
Official Releases:
Demo - Possibaly recorded 1980 or 1981 as Assault and Battery (out of print)
Demo - Recorded November 21, 1981 (out of print)
Flex Your Head sampler, Dischord records, 1982 (4 pressings, vinyl disc out of print. Reissued on CD)
Artificial Peace/Exiled split 7'' EP, Fountain of Youth records, 1982 (out of print)
Bouncing Babies LP comp, Fountian of Youth records, 1984 (out of print, possibly reissued)
20 Years of Dischord box set, Dischord records, 2002 (still aviliable)
Assault and Battery 7'', Lost and Found, 1990 (out of print?)
Outside Looking In LP. Lost and Found, 1990 (out of print?)

The songs I have posted are all from the release on that bootleg label Lost And Found. It is labeled as a 'Discography', but if it is not, then let me know and I will try to fix that and add whatever is missing.


The music is here...

Pagan Babies- Next LP

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Here is the Pagan Babies LP from 1988.
It sounds a lot different than you would expect from a hardcore band in 1988. But that does not mean it is bad, because it is quite good. I don't know a whole lot about this band besides that they were from Philadelphia and that the drummer is really good at artwork.
Enjoy the music!

The music is here...