Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ten Yard Fight- Last Show Live

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Here is some audio from the last Ten Yard Fight show. There is a Minor Threat cover in there and song six has guest vocals from Porter (Floorpunch).
Ten Yard Fight were one of the first bands in the big fun hardcore revival in the mid 90s. What a great time! We spend many hours in cars driving around to see them and others play wonderful shows. Mt personal favorite show I saw them at was the Yuletide Youthcrew Show in Maryland at the 180 Club. That place was perfect show hardcore shows. So many great bands played that day. Fastbreak and Floorpunch were good that day too. During Floorpunch, the speakers were tipping over from a massive mosh and dive fest on stage. So much fun.

Here are a few Ten Yard Fight pictures from various shows...
This first one is a great jump shot...
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The music is at...

Unit Pride- Live On WNYU

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Here is the WNYU set from Unit Pride, a great straight edge band from the late 80's. The singer from this band, Eric Ozene, later on was in Redemption 87 and the Nerve Agents. I suppose the only bad thing about this set is that he is not singing on it! Ha! Instead, it is a fill in, named Corey, that the band used for an east coast tour. I'm always bummed when hardcore band switch singers for whatever reason, but this set is still a good listen.

Here is an add for the bands 7" that same out on Step Forward Records.
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Besides this set and the 7", there is a demo. The demo has a great song called The Choice Is Yours and it starts with one one those super catchy bass lines. The 7" and demo are on a discography CD that can still be ordered, so I won't post them, but check out this WNYU set.

There music is here...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Citizens Arrest- Live On WNYU

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Here is the great Citizens Arrest show from WNYU. There are eight songs.
Citizens Arrest was a hardcore band from New York City in the last 80's and early 90's. Besides this, there is a demo, 7" and an LP. The band broke up right before the LP was released. The band was speedier than most and combined some angry vocals. I see lots of crust dudes and powerviolence dudes with CXA shirts and patched but Citizens Arrest was never played either of those styles. The speed and fury was there, but they had a NYHC edge, imo, and it all came together into a wonderful band.
Citizens Arrest side note: if you ever see Friday The 13th part 8, there is a scene where Jason walks up to three punk guys hanging out, well the one with the chain is the singer of Citizens Arrest!

Here is a cool live shot from an early Citizens Arrest show...
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And here is the link to the music...

Enuf- Demo 1988

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Here is the great demo from Enuf. It came out in 1988. This was high on my want list when used to mail my trade lists to the people I traded with, but no one ever seemed to have it. Then the internet came along and my collection doubled within a year, as now I could correspond with people daily, instead of waiting days for the mail to come and go. Soon enough (enuf?), I got an original Enuf demo in a record trade and the long wait did not lead to disappointment.
Here is that great demo for everyone who doesn't already have it!
Track listing:
- Suckah Mosh
- Face The Music
- I Just Wanna Skate
- MF/Get It Done
- Once Too Many Times
- Fantasy World

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