Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Enuf- Demo 1988

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Here is the great demo from Enuf. It came out in 1988. This was high on my want list when used to mail my trade lists to the people I traded with, but no one ever seemed to have it. Then the internet came along and my collection doubled within a year, as now I could correspond with people daily, instead of waiting days for the mail to come and go. Soon enough (enuf?), I got an original Enuf demo in a record trade and the long wait did not lead to disappointment.
Here is that great demo for everyone who doesn't already have it!
Track listing:
- Suckah Mosh
- Face The Music
- I Just Wanna Skate
- MF/Get It Done
- Once Too Many Times
- Fantasy World


Anonymous said...

this is cool. i've never heard about this band before. thanks for introducing me to them.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,thanks...but the AAC files of the second zip are damaged! Can you please re-post that?

Anonymous said...


Do you know where these guys are from?

benj said...

enuf was from edison, NJ. you may never know it, but before lifetime, ari katz played drums for this band.