Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unit Pride- Live On WNYU

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Here is the WNYU set from Unit Pride, a great straight edge band from the late 80's. The singer from this band, Eric Ozene, later on was in Redemption 87 and the Nerve Agents. I suppose the only bad thing about this set is that he is not singing on it! Ha! Instead, it is a fill in, named Corey, that the band used for an east coast tour. I'm always bummed when hardcore band switch singers for whatever reason, but this set is still a good listen.

Here is an add for the bands 7" that same out on Step Forward Records.
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Besides this set and the 7", there is a demo. The demo has a great song called The Choice Is Yours and it starts with one one those super catchy bass lines. The 7" and demo are on a discography CD that can still be ordered, so I won't post them, but check out this WNYU set.

There music is here...

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ERIC SXE said...

Thanks for this 6 years later. LOL I loved Unit Pride! Great set!