Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome to Sound And Fury blogspot!

Hey!  Thanks for coming here and reading this!  
I hope to provide lots of reasons to come back in the future.  
Why another blog?  Because I want a way to make hard to find, out of print, live, demo, etc. items available to people like me, who love this kind of music.  
What kind of music is that?  I love all kinds of music but the kinds I love best is hardcore and punk.  I love NYHC, late 80's straight edge music, early 80's punk and lots of modern stuff too.  I'm not into that 'heavy hardcore' junk though, so there won't be any of that here.  
I've been into this music for many years and I've been a collector of things that I love for my entire life, so music was no different.  I have a huge collection of records, 'zines and shirts.  It's hard to share those with people, but luckily, I have an enormous collection of live sets, demos, radio sets, rehearsals, etc. from many different bands.  Tape trading used to be my favorite thing but the days of tapes are gone and now we have MP3's.  Which is good and bad, I guess, but good for the purpose of this blog.  I plan on sharing many of the great items I have saved up for years and years.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  
Also, if you do a blog, website, zine, etc, and want to share links, please contact me and I will be more than happy to post your link.  


stogref said...

Hey this sounds real-cool, i dropped by from Hangover Heart Attack and i know i'll have to come back and read althrough your pages, plus surely dl loadsa shit!
Started a blog recently, so feel free to visit it, though i share stuff through donkey network.
Cheers dude & have a drink on me! :)

m the m said...

hey buddy, i recently had my harddrive crash, and this site has helped me recover some crucial chaos.

keep it up.