Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NY Hoods- both demos + WNYU + interview

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Here are both NY Hoods demos, Built As One and Neutral. Also, there is a live set, with interview, from the Crucial Chaos radio show on WNYU in 1987. The music is great NYHC, on the harder side, like Breakdown.
This is a request fill from the comment section. I honestly don't know a whole lot about this band and internet searches turned up nothing, not even one picture, haha. If someone wants to fill me in with some background info about this band, I would appreciate it alot!
Also, the file is from a dude named Mark Anthony, on another board. I had both demos already but not files with quality sound like these. So thanks to that guy for the great contribution!
The files aren't tagged, so here are the track listings:

NY Hoods
"Neutral" demo
1. Mirrors Of Reality
2. Dept Of Corruption
3. Poor Girl
4. Race For Your Life
5. Relative Power

"Built As One" demo
6. Slapped In The Face
7. Taking The Fall
8. Relative Power
9. Anger Builds
10. True To Life
11. Mirrors Of Reality
12. Blind Faith
13. No Regrets

14. Anger Builds
15. True To Life
16. Race For Your Life
17. Relative Power
18. Mirrors Of Reality
19. No Regrets

20. WNYU Interview

Always feel free to post requests in the comments section or email them to me. My collection is enormous and I love to share, so I will always do my best to fill requests.

The music is here...


Anonymous said...

wow! this is friggin' awesome! i was the one who requested this! I had seen this band in 87.they played with token entry as i remember.i had the demo with mirrors of reality on it. they were great live and i had seen them on more than one occasion at a club on long island called the "sundance".many bands from the NYHC scene played there in the 80's.incidently i had seen bustin' out as well at the same club.fantastic thanks so much for sharing!!-Steve
p.s. have you heard of another band from that time called under pressure? they later changed their name to vicious bite.let me know if you have access to that demo it would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hows it goin, I just recently found your have posted some great music..not so oddly I was searching for Sound and Fury, images..YB has, and always will be one of my favorites...Thank you!

I'm currently saving up to upgrade (any suggestions or tips on what I 'need' would be appreciated)and faciltate makin my own post!!! So many of us love this music but for whatever reason aren't so obvious to each other and the distribution is confined in our small circle of friends.

Lastly, if I may ask, you wouldn't per chance have The Detonators "Just Another Day" LP would you? I had a blue vinyl one a long time ago that became a victim to a house fire-along with many others...great to "meet" you as it were>>>Rg from whittier

Anonymous said...

please relink!

Anonymous said...

please, please, please relink these if at all possible! it's been a dog's age since i've heard these. still have the original cassette case/insert to neutral but the tape is m.i.a! same story w/ my altercation demo, but thankfully that gem's easy to locate online.

spliffrd said...

still have this? the link is dead

amel said...


Anonymous said...

The link is dead.wanna hear this..please re up ! ! !