Monday, March 24, 2008

Maximum Penalty- Live On WNYU

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Here is the Maximum Penalty set from when they played on WNYU.
Maximum Penalty was a hardcore band from New York City. They started in the late 80's and are still around today, in some form or another. They released a classic demo, which in my opinion, is one of the best releases to come out of New York City. They had two superb tracks on the New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are. Also, there were other 7"'s and LP's, but those took on a slightly different sound than the stuff on the demo and the comps.
Almost all the material here is different in some way or another. It opens with the intro from the demo, but the end is totally different, with a guitar solo over it, that is actually quite memorable. Then they go into 'Living In Darkness' and 'Be Yourself' from the demo, which are pretty much the same songs. After that is a new song, that you can't hear the name of, followed by 'Friends You Once Had' which is not on the demo either. Then we get a mega slowed down version of 'Hate' from the demo and comp. They close with a song called 'Lifes Not Fair', which is not on the demo either. I am not too familiar with their later stuff, but the songs on here that are not on the demo, have the same style as the demo, but I do not think they are even on later releases.
Maximum Penalty had a great sound, similar to a lot of other NYHC bands of the time, such as Uppercut and Raw Deal, but they stood apart due to the fact that they had a singer who could actually sing. In fact, I was told that he makes a living as a studio singer or something along those lines. The music is so hard, yet soulful at the same time. They don't make bands like this anymore. Enjoy!

The music is here...


claude said...

anybody any idea what year this was?

Sound And Fury said...

not a clue! i was hoping someone would post that info!

Anonymous said...

I havn't heard this yet maybe i can tell the year when i listen to it.gotta the love the live sets on wnyu and m.p. were one of the best! thanks!-Steve