Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Gang- Demo + Uprising '88 Demo + Unreleased 7" + WNYU + Lew's CDR

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Here is another request fill! It is everything I have from Our Gang! Our Gang was a hardcore band from New York City in the late 80's. They fit in well with the NYHC scene of the time, but they also had their own unique style, which was cool and kept them from becoming a generic clone band. They definately played a bit faster than some bands of the time, kind of like Citizens Arrest, who they were friends with.
There are two demos here. One is just the "Demo' and the other is the "Uprising '88' demo. The 'Uprising '88' demo has all the songs that are on the "Demo" plus some extras. If I had to pick a favorite Out Gang release, it would be the 'Uprising '88' demo, as I think is the best representation of their sound.
I also included their set from when they played on WNYU. The sound is good and is another cool live overview of their material.
Next is the unreleased 7". This sounds different than the previous stuff, adding a lot of melody and some singing, instead of always yelling. There are a couple good songs on this, and it's worth hearing, but again, it's way different from their other stuff. Some of the songs are pretty catchy.
Finally, I included "Lew's CDR', which is just that, a CDR that Lew from the band made. I think it is mostly a discography of everything they did, but I included it anyway, in case I was missing versions of songs that are on other things.
Our Gang also had songs on the New Breed Comp, but those songs were included on Lew's CDR, so I didn't upload them separately.
Our Gang was pretty cool, had a lot of great songs and I hope you enjoy the music!

Here is a picture of someone from Our Gang hanging out with someone from Citizen's Arrest...
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The music is here...


Anonymous said...

dynamite! thank you once again for filling my request and taking the time to post and share all this awesome music!-Steve

Copeyboy said...

Nice share. I was wondering if you would be willing to check out my blog at and let me know what you think. I've seen you on the Livewire Board and you're one of the reasons I became interested in sharing. Later.

chrisapproach said...

good post!
i also did a litty rant about abombanation and our gang in my blog.
i'll dd you to my links.

Anonymous said...

FYI: some our gang members went on to play in born against, iabhorher, citizens arrest & onesidedwar.

Stormy said...

I'm late to this parade. Any chance of re-upping this at some point?


Also, i just put a True Colors collection on my blog if you need it. All 3 demos plus the New Breed track. 19 songs:

Daryl CXA said...

The photo actually is of Chuck True Colors and Lew / Our Gang to his left. Also Hobi of Our Gang on the right and Pat / Our Gang / Citizens Arrest in the back.