Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Under Pressure- Vengeance 1988 Demo + New Breed Comp song

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Here is another request fill! It's the Under Pressure 1988 demo and their song from the New Breed tape comp. I believe Under Pressure were from New York in the late 80's. The demo came out in December of 1988 and the song on the New Breed comp is a rerecorded demo song, with much better sound qualities. The music has a lot in common with bands like Raw Deal and Outburst, but isn't a clone of those bands. That is about all I know, so if you know more, please post in the comments.
The next few posts will move back to the west coast with some great hidden punk treasures! Enjoy!

The music is here...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for this request fill! they played the ny area alot(i remember seeing them at the sundance on 3 seprate occasions)later on they changed their name to vicious bite and then broke up sometime after that unfortunately.thanks again for this gem!-Steve
p.s. i know west coast is next but i do have a request for the 1988 In your face demo when you post east coast stuff.thanks!

Anonymous said...

Here's a little Under Pressure history.
Under Pressure started out in mid 1987 as
an oi hardcore band from NYC. In April of 1988, Under Pressure released their 8-song demo titled “Vicious Bite”. Later that summer, Under Pressure started to go thru line
up changes. At one point, Eric from
“In Your Face” played guitar for few gigs.
Once the new line up was set, Under Pressure released “Supremist” for the New Breed Compilation. The new Under Pressure line up
had a much more heavier sound than the original line up, so Under Pressure changed their name to Vicious Bite. Vicious Bite released their first song, “Till Death Do You Part” for the Chop-Chop Compilation on Skene Records. In December of 1988, Vicious Bite released a self-titled 9-song Demo. The Vengeance demo was never an official release. It was a rehearsal tape used mainly for seeking a new guitarist and for booking gigs. By the summer of 1989, The bassist left the band, the singer moved to the bass, and a new vocalist joined the band. Vicious Bite played a few shows, and did the WNYU Spermicide radio show with this new line up. Shortly after, Vicious Bite broke up. Their last show was at The Anthrax in Connecticut of 1989.

Freddy Alva said...

Keep an eye out for an official NewBreedTapeComp website, also a myspace page..