Friday, March 21, 2008

Funeral- Waiting For The Bomb Blast 7" ep + s/t 12" ep

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Here are two personal favorites of mine. They are also long forgotten punk records with some amazing music on them!
Funeral came from Long Beach California. They were around in the early 80s, and both of these records were released in 1981. They had a straight forward sound on the first ep, the standout tracking being the powerful title track. Then on the s/t 12", they come into an amazing sound of their own. All the great elements of the first ep are still there, but they expand upon them and it really pays off. It is classic SoCal punk, but it has a sound of its own, backs with some of the greatest hooks and memorable choruses. 'Will To Live' starts with a great bouncy guitar line, it reminds me of being on the beach and not caring about anything except having fun. Later on, there is a song called 'Darkness On Your Doorstep', which is a lot slower and is really doomy sounding, but they totally pull it off without sounding cheesy. The first ep is great, but the 12" is all the greatness of that plus more, and I feel like I'm failing at describing this band.
Members of Funeral were in or went on to be in many other great bands, such a the Rik L Rik band, and made a lot more great music.
Anyway, what a great band! Check it out and I am sure you will not be disappointed! Enjoy!

Here is the front of the 'Waiting For The Bomb Blasts' ep. The cover of the 12" is at the top of this post...
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The music is here...


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pär said...

I just love early 80s Cal punk and thanska lot for this gem!

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thanks for the re-up