Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Quick Note...

Hello! Thanks to everyone who reads this and enjoys the music that I post.
I just wanted to mention that if any of the links ever expire, please post about it in a comment and I will post a new link. Or if there is a problem with one of the downloads, let me know, and I will fix it.
Please post requests in the comments.
Also, if you are in one of the bands that I posted music from, and you don't want your music on here, then email me and I will gladly take it down. I try to only post long out of print stuff, or stuff that was never available, such as the live sets. I'm not here to make enemies, especially with bands that I like, so again, if something is here and you want it down, let me know!
If there is a post with minimal information about a band and you know stuff not included, please post it in the comments and I will add it to the post and give you credit. If you have more music, let me know and we can work out a trade. I am always looking for new stuff. You can tell what I like from looking through the blog, so let me know what you have.
Finally, send me links to your blogs and I will add them to my list.
Ok, that is all for now!. Post comments! Enjoy the music!


Anonymous said...

do you have the our gang demo or the pressure release demo? please post that if you can! thanks!-Steve

Anonymous said...

do you have abombination or altercation demo's? i'm also looking for the "free for all" comp.when you get a chance,thanks for everything!-Steve

Nodbuddabag said...

Looks like all of the last links for Token Entry and all of the recordings live on WNYU are all dead. Can you upload them again?