Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This week, I'm only posting WNYU radio sets. It seems like a lot of people are happy with that, so it will continue until Saturday.
I re-upped the Under Pressure, Occupied Territory and No For An Answer posts, since those links were down. If you are looking through here and a link is down, please post about it in the comments and I will re-up it asap.
Also, if there is something posted on here that is still in print, let me know and I will take it down. I try to post only long out of print stuff, but if I goofed, then let me know and it will be gone. If you are in one of the bands that I have posted music of, and you don't want your music on here, post in the comments with an email and I will gladly take your music down. I'm on here to share stuff that people can no longer buy in stores or order online, etc. I'm not here to hurt feelings!
Enjoy the music!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much! sound and fury rules!-Steve