Thursday, March 6, 2008

Occupied Territory- A Start Demo '89

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Here is another NYHC demo from the vaults!
It's the Occupied Territory 'A Start' demo from 1989. This band was around in the late 80's, in NY, and in addition to this, there are two other demos and a set on WNYU. The other two demos are impossible to find, one being a boom box recorded tape and the other one was apparently never even released. I'd like to hear both of them, but for now, we have to settle for this.
The music is harder late 80's styled NYHC and while certainly not 'classic' by any means, it is still good and definately worth a few listens. The image at the top of the post is a scan of the insert that came with the demo. Enjoy!

The music is here...
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Anonymous said...

fantastic! another old demo i had! anthony from raw deal hooked me up with this back then,thanks so much for posting this!-Steve(from ny now in florida).

Anonymous said...

dude send me your e mail,i'm pretty sure i have O.T. live on wnyu(just have to locate it).-Steve

Anonymous said...

i found it! here it is:
O.T. live w.n.y.u. 88'


Awesome. I posted this demo and the live set on my site a couple years ago, too. Some people associated with the band posted a few comments if anyone wants more information.

What was the sound quality like on your rip? I got all the stuff as one long track from some dude over IM and the quality was pretty raw. The link you posted is inactive now, but I'd be curious to hear if you had a cleaner sounding copy.


Anonymous said...

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Lou said...

Hey it's Louis the guitarist of Occupied Territory. Got a CBGB's video up. Check it out