Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stains- self titled LP

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Here is the superb Stains self titled LP from 1983.
The band formed in the late 70s. I found this piece of band history... "Back in 1980, the East L.A. punk scene was constantly being overshadowed by the already established strongholds in Hollywood and the South Bay. Recognizing the need for a place to call their own, a couple of members of Los Illegals created The Vex. Located on the second floor of an arts center at the corner of Brooklyn and Gage, The Vex became the home to several bands, including Los Illegals, The Brat, The Odd Squad, Thee Undertakers and The Stains. Black Flag's Greg Ginn took a liking to The Stains and decided to release their full length debut on SST Records. Released in 1983, "The Stains" (SST 010) is one of the true undiscovered gems of the SST catalog. Recorded at Media Access Studios by Spot, this record spits forth a venom that is impossible to ignore".
SST is retarded. You can go to any record store and find any one of those terrible piece of shit instrumental Black Flag records but this elusive gem remains out of print for years. Oh well. Here it is. Enjoy the music!

The music is here...


pär said...

great! all the old LA punk stuff you have will be much appriciated from me!

Anonymous said...

I think the reason this was never reissued is that Greg Gimm ripped off the Stains. I remember there being something from the band back in the late 80s or early 90s in either MRR or Flipside about it. I also think that the Stains recorded at least one more demo that never came out on vinyl. Would be awesome if someone had it!

Anonymous said...

there are actually two demos -- one with the original singer recorded before the album was recorded, and one recorded in the late 80s/early 90s. there are also a couple of live tapes floating around and a bootleg video of them performing at the country club in reseda.

the story going 'round about the album is that sst owed them money, so they went down and took the remaining copies of the album frin sst and that was that. sst has not reissued it and, apart from a couple of bootleggings (including one with the latter demo tacked on) it remains out of print, although i believe some work is being done to rectify that.

-jimmy tumors

Pat said...

Thanks so much for providing this!! I have been looking for another copy of this years (my original one is thrashed-never dreamed of having it on digital). I bum out when I talk to old punks that are unfamiliar with this album because its such an important LA punk record on so many levels. Much appreciated. Pat-(Ribzy)

demo tapes said...

thsi record fucking rules!

tom said...

Wasn't there a song on here called 'Gang Related?' I loaned my LP to someone and never got it back..... not that I have a turntable anymore....


Mike IX said...

Did the Undertakers or any other East L.A. Vex punk bands ever record?

Anonymous said...

thee undertakers recorded an album that was finally released 20 years later on grand theft audio.

the brat released an EP on fatima back in the 80s, which has since been reissued on cd by the band. a 2-cd anthology is supposed to be out soon, too.

los illegals released "internal exile" on a&m in the 80s. they recorded a second album, "burning youth," but a&m refused to release it. they also recorded an album with concrete blonde in the 90s and are still sporadically active.

oddsquad managed to release one track, "moving your mouth" on the "los angelinos" compilation.

there were a great many other non-vex affiliated east l.a. punk bands that were active during that period and after, many of which have recorded and released stuff over the years as well, and a very active scene continues to exist in the area.

-jimmy tumors

Matt said...

"Terrible piece of shit instrumental Black Flag records"? What a close-minded asshole you are! And what exactly are you referring to even? Gone? All of those projects Ginn put out in the 90's that nobody really cares about? Black Flag only put out an EP and half a record's worth of instrumental stuff (that I've personally never seen in stores before)! It's not like there was ever a whole series worth of instrumental stuff from the Flag. Which I would LOVE to see more of, not only because The Process of Weeding Out is great (you heard me right....it's as great as Damaged, so is In My Head), but so that fuck heads like you would be even more pissed off over these so-called "piece(s) of shit"!

Now, keep that mind closed nice and tight and have a merry christmas (or whatever fucking holiday you celebrate)!

*a few minutes after typing the above* Okay, so this blog hasn't been updated in two years. STILL, I can't stand you fucks who deny the brilliance behind the Flag's instro material. Greg Ginn may be an asshole who's ripped off many, many artists, but the man is a talented musician well worth looking into beyond Black Flag. That's merely the tip of the iceberg, damn it!