Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sin 34- Die Laughing 7"

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Here is the Sin 34 'Die Laughing' 7".
Sin 34 formed in 1981 and were involved in the great early 80's hardcore punk scene in LA. They are notable for being one of the few good bands to have a female singer. She could hold her own with anyone else, as you will see when you listen to the music. Another reason this band was well known was because their drummer was Dave Markey, creator of the great zine We Got Power. What a great zine that was, documenting the early LA/OC/HB scene from an insiders perspective. Besides all that, the music was great too. They had the speed of a lot of other bands of the time, but the occasional mid paced songs were just as powerful.
'Die Laughing' came out in 1982 and has five songs, all of which are great. There was an LP after this, but it's not as good as this 7".

Here is a picture of the band recording the 7"...
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Here is a picture of the band and friends hanging out...
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The music is here...


m45trkllr said...

Aw man I remember listening to Sin 34 back in the day! Man what a great ep!!!

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