Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip 6- Demo

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Here is the Trip 6 demo. Trip 6 was fronted by legendary NYHC guy Tommy Ratt. He sang for Warzone when Raybeez still played drums. Later on, he sang for Rejuvenate.
Besides this demo, Trip 6 has a song on the 'New York Hardcore: The Way It Is' comp and a 7". The 7" is not nearly as bad as the horrendous cover art would lead you to believe.
Enjoy the music!

The music is here...


Anonymous said...

thanks for this one!-Steve

Anonymous said...

very cool. i sent you an email about some stuff i have that you might want

Matt said...

Haha, the cover art for the 7" reminds me of a late 80's flyer. Into it!

Stephen said...

dude, you've been killing it lately!

Greazy Tony said...

Zippy who played bass and later went on to play with Richie Stotts and The Mentors.

Great band and great bunch of people!

Great blog too!