Monday, April 7, 2008

Various Artists- Rodney On The ROQ: Volume One

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Here is the excellent Rodney On The ROQ comp from 1980.
Rodney Bingenheimer was the DJ of the famous Rodney On The ROQ radio show in Los Angeles in the 80's. He was more than happy to play cool tunes from little known bands. He played a lot of records from early (and great) punk bands, many of whom would gain some amount of success if their songs went over well on the radio show. He also played rock and new wave material, but his show was known for the great support that it gave the early 80's LA punk scene.
MIke Ness once said this about the show, "I worked at a porn store for a while and we would hang out there all night, get drunk and listen to Rodney On The ROQ and hear all the great new bands".
There are so many classic songs on here, from bands such as Adolescents, Circle Jerks, Agent Orange, The Crowd, Simpletons, Rik L Rik, Black Flag, UXA, Nuns and lots more. Some of the bands here would end up using these songs on other records, but the versions here are gold, either way.
Volumes Two and Three would follow in 1981 and 1982. They are also great records (and I will be posting them on here) and they followed in the style of this one, featuring the best of early 80's LA punk and new wave.
This is one of my all time favorite records and I hope you enjoy it too!

The front of the record is at the top of the post. Here is the back on the record...
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Here is a picture of Rodney...
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The music is here...

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Wow man great stuff here. Please keep posting all these obscure & nearly forgotten bands.