Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Klan- Pushin' Too Hard ep

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Here is The Klan ep from 1980. This is very early LA punk. In fact, the band had been around for a while before this was recorded. I was told that The Flyboys had some extra recording time, four hours, when they were done recording their ep, and so form that time came this ep from The Klan.
The first song, 'Pushin' Too Hard', is a cover of The Seeds song of the same name. The song would later appear on a Rodney On The ROQ comp and received a lot of airplay on his radio show. The other song, 'Cover Girls', is an original and has lyrics that are sure to bum out some people. Who cares though? The song is a memorable treat.
I am not aware of any other studio recordings from this band, besides what I have talked about here. There are lots of rehearsal tapes and live recordings going around, so if you have the chance to get those, please do so, as they are great.
Enjoy the music!

The original version of this ep has no cover sleeve. The covers shown here are from a later reissue. The front of the ep is at the top of the post. The back of the ep is here...
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The music is here...


Anonymous said...

We knew all of the guys from the KLAN
and "Isolation"--and surprisingly enuff...poshboy profited from them, and we are still speak of Simpletones (from Rosemead) And Negative Trend, The Crowd, and RiK L Rik (RIP) ---> We are social task from HB.

Sound And Fury said...

hey, are you scott? i read your history posts on the orange county punk page!
the crowd, the simpletones, rik l rik, all great music!

Pencil said...

RIP Sky Sunlight Saxon

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