Monday, May 5, 2008

Moondog- Demo 1990

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Here is the Moondog demo from 1990.
This might have even come out before 1990 but my copy is labeled 1990 so that is how I will post it. Moondog came after Gorilla Biscuits and have a similar sound, but with a lot of progression in song writing, if that makes sense. Gorilla Biscuits even covered 'Distance' many times. The songs here are really well written and I think its some of the best stuff Walter has written. This thing has been bootlegged over and over again. I had a bootleg 7" of this with the shittiest sound quality imaginable. Later on, someone gave me another one, which had really good sound quality. I read that a proper release is in the works and that is good.
Anyways, check it out. Enjoy the music!

The music is here...

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Buske said...

Anthology Recordings did an official release for this a few years back that sounds much better than all the bootlegs that were circulating. I highly suggest picking it up.

Check it out.