Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rancor- Discography

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Here is everything from the great Rancor.
Rancor was a hardcore band from Allentown PA in the late 90's. They came out around the same time as Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight and others did, to rescue us from the metalcore nightmare that hardcore had become. Some of my favorite show memories from that time involve shows that Rancor played. Like the Yuletide Youth Crew Fest at 180 Club in Maryland. Or the first time Floorpunch played Buffalo at that place on Military Ave. Fuck, so many great shows and some of the best times I have had in life. Every weekend, we would travel to some great show, somewhere on the east coast.
The singer of this band was was one of the best of all time, super animated and bounding all over the place. His head would turn bright red when they played because he would get so worked up during the songs. I always think of that when someone asks me about this band.
I think I included everything here:
Flip The Switch 7"
Never Hold Back 7"
Songs from The Time Is Now comp
Song from the Memories Of Tomorrow comp
Some of the music from that time didn't hold up too well. But I always thought Rancor held up quite well. I hope you enjoy the music!

Here are a few cool live pictures that I found...
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The music is here...

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jose said...

amazing band. love rancor