Saturday, May 24, 2008

Authorities- Soundtrack For Trouble 7"

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Here is the amazing Authorities 'Soundtrack For Trouble' 7". This fits in good with the time it came out... 1982... California. The songs are fast but have that that amazing melodic sense about them that makes them instantly memorable and good for endless listens. There are some cynical lyrics too.
I had this 7" for years and a friend I grew up with was convinced that they were racist. in 'I Hate Cops' he's like, "I hate cops, they're all fucking piggers...". Well this kid was convinced he said something else besides piggers. Something that rhtymes with piggers. Well, that's definately not the case. Anyways, great record. Enjoy the music!

The music is here...


andrew j said...

best punk 7" ever!!!

Anonymous said...

You have an awesome blog! Any chance you could repost this?


Anonymous said...

Classic material. Please re-up it.

Excellent blog, btw.

FAN said...

Hey you lucky punks living in England ...the Authorities are playing tomorrow TUESDAY 18TH MAY 2010 AT THE WINDMILL BRIXTON LONDON AT 20.00 -ENTRANCE IS £6.

Dont bitch about there being no good punk bands to see because the Authorities completely destroyed the South of the Border last Friday to only 30 people.. so have some respect for the band who come all this way to play for you you apathetic pigs..and do yourselves a favour because it is very rare to see a band of this quality there or learn to live with regret.
All hail the Authorities!!