Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Legal Weapon- Your Weapon

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Here is the great Legal Wepaon 'Your Weapon' LP from 1982.
Legal Weapon was a really talented band from Los Angeles in the early 80's. All of their early material is amazing, but this LP is the best, in my opinion. This is strong melodic punk with female vocals. She can carry a tune and can effortlessly go from angry and pissed to quality singing. Man, I hate when there are female singers who have that squeaky shriek voice. I can't stand that shit. Well, if you can imagine the exact opposite of that, it is found here. Besides the stellar singing, there is also the musicianship of Frank Agnew ( Adolescents, Social Distortion, TSOL and brother of guitar wizard Rikk Agnew) and Steve Soto (from Adolescents and Agent Orange). The songs here go from fast to slow, but they are all filled with hooks and lines that will stick in your head. This is top notch music. If people are interested, I can post some of their other records. Enjoy the music!

The music is here...


Adamski said...

This is a very, VERY underrated gem! Classic SoCal sounds with some of the best female vocals I've heard. I was never a massive fan of female vocals in punk, but the way Kat Arthur can go from sensual to nasty is pretty awesome. Have to say, though, that the first Lp (Death Of Innocence) is even better.

Anonymous said...

Great band! I saw these guys on what I think was their only east coast tour back in the early 80s. A few of their late 80s records were kind of weak, but they reformed a few years back & put some really good stuff out again. Don't know what they're up to these days though. Always thought Kat had a great voice.

SOLDIER said...

Please add more music by Legal Weapon, Kat was a great singer, and held you captive during their sets!!