Saturday, May 17, 2008

Battalion Of Saints- Fighting Boys 12"

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Here is the Battalion Of Saints 'Fighting Boys' 12".
This is a great example of some early hardcore. The songs are fast but they don't lose the tuneful and melodic edge that makes them memorable. They knew how to write some cool hooks, especially in the title song.
Battalion Of Saints appeared to be a death trap for everyone involved, besides the singer...
"The mainstay of the band is the singer, George Anthony. Most of the other original members of the band either quit or died during their first stint. Guitarist Chris Smith overdosed and drowned, bassist Barry Farwell died of drug related health problems, Dave Astor blew his brains out, and Don Diaz died of AIDS. By the time they broke up in '85, the band went through nearly a dozen different members, and others who were short lived."
The band released a lot of great tunes, this, the Second Coming LP, the demo (that is available elsewhere on this blog), 7"'s, comp songs, etc. Great band. I hope you enjoy the music!

Here is a cool promo picture of the band that was incorporated on the back cover of this record...
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The music is here...

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SOLDIER said...

One of the greatest bands to ever come out of California, definately a classic!! In my top 3!!!