Saturday, February 9, 2008

Various Artists- Eastern Front Compilation

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Here is the Eastern Front compilation.
There are some fantastic bands on here. You get songs from Channel 3, Wasted Youth, Battalion Of Saints, Shattered Faith, JFA, Circle One and a few more. There aren't any bad songs on here either, so it's a guaranteed winner.
This is all live songs and the sound quality is superb for all the bands. I don't know if these songs are all exclusive to this comp, but I figure the studio versions most likely appeared elsewhere.
This is a great comp with a lot of fantastic bands on it.
Sidenote: if anyone can upload the Circle One 'Patterns Of Force' LP and the 'Survive' LP (which has both demos and the full live set that the song on this is taken from) and any comp songs, that would be great!

Here is the music...

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Donut Duck said...

One of my favorite compilations from back then. JFA's version of Low Rider is fab!