Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Turning Point- Live- 2/17/90

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Here is a live set from the great New Jersey straight edge band. I got this set from a good bootleg trading friend. The note attached to it says that the show was in Pennsylvania on 2/17/90.
This set is from before the LP came out. You can hear him asking for pictures and for people to have fun so they get more good pictures for their upcoming LP that came out on New Age Records. The set is a good mix of demo, 7" and LP songs.
I don't have a lot to say about this band that most people won't already know. I always liked the demo and 7" way more than the LP, but the LP isn't bad by any means. There is a cool discography that you can buy from Jade Tree Records. The demo and 7" are where it's at, for me at least. The songs sound so angry and urgent. You can't go wrong with those two releases.
Classic music. Enjoy!

Here is a cool add for the Turning Point demo...
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Here are are two cool live shots...
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The music is here...


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