Tuesday, February 5, 2008

China White- Dangerzone ep

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Here is the great Dangerzone 12" ep from Huntington Beach hardcore punk band China White.
They took their name from the drug that had killed Darby Crash and their music was punk with a very small amount of metallic riffing. There are six songs on this and they are all hits. Song four has a great galloping riff during the main part of the song that is very memorable, as is the title track.
This band, along with TSOL and The Crowd, were the center of the attention in Orange County. Those bands put on violent shows but backed it with classic music.

Here is the cover of the Dangerzone 12". Famous photographer Edward Colver was on his way home from a show and he walked past a murder scene, the body covered in a sheet, police cars, the whole deal, he took a quick picture and went on his way. That picture is the cover for this record.
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Here is a picture of the band
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Another picture of the band
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Here is a flyer from one of their shows
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The music is here...


Manitoba's Wild Kingdom said...

This was always one of the best "metalpunk" releases in my opinion. I know the band reformed in 2001 or so & put out a CD called "Addiction" & a live one, but do you know anything about them in the 90s? I've seen some other stuff listed,, but is it the real China White, or just someone using the name? I found out the hard way about a hip hop band called DOA, so you never know!

Sound And Fury said...

hey man, i was told they reformed way later on but they were terrible then, so i assume anything they put out was terrible, as ive never heard of it or see it anywhere. if i saw a download, id check it out, but so far nothing.

Punk Rocknroll said...

This EP rips Anthem & Daddy's Little Queen are beyond kick ass. They may have taken the "keep em wanting more thing" to the extreme with 14 yrs then 11yrs between releases but the 6 in 81 was way more/better than most bands even dream of releasing. FUCKIN wicked uplaod man. Cheers!!
Danger Zone (Frontier Records) 1981
Addiction (Lethal Records) 1995
Live Cheap (Malt Soda Recordings) 2004
Addiction.2 (Malt Soda Recordings) 2004