Sunday, February 10, 2008

Count Me Out- Live On WPBR- Radio Set

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Count Me Out was a great hardcore band from Virginia. They were around in the late 90's until about 2002. Their sound was classic straight edge hardcore and they were often compared to Chain Of Strength, especially the vocals.
Besides this radio set, there is a demo, a wonderful 7" and two LPs. They are all worth checking out, although I didn't get too into the second LP.
I saw them many times and their shows were great. Definately not a band that just stood there and played. They were always jumping and having fun. One time I saw them in Washington DC and the singer had on these super bright red shoes and then the next week a friend of mine wanted to get shoes like that, although I didn't know why since I thought they looked like clown shoes.
Before this band was called Count Me Out, they were called What The Fuck? True story.

Here is a cool live shot...
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Here is the music...

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