Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vandals- Live On KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

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Here is one from the vaults! This is a set from when the Vandals played on KPFK Radio in Los Angeles in the early 80's. The sound quality is superb and there is a lot of great in between song talking and other fun from Stevo. That is another reason that this set is great, because is features Stevo on vocals. What a truly great frontman, always energetic sounding and very funny and entertaining between songs.
When they played this set, the radio station let them bring a lot of their friends with them, which was a bad (good) idea. Here is something I found that a guy wrote, talking about a conversation he had with Stevo, "Oh something I remember him telling me about this show was that the radio station lady was pretty wigged out about all the commotion they made (lots of smoke bombs, profanity and other tomfoolery - as was often the case at any Vandals show) and finally just pulled the plug on them at the end. Listen to how stressed out her voice is in the last track (just before they were about to go into “Frog Stomp”), when she gives the station ID or whatever." You can hear her a couple times in the background in between songs yelling at people.
This is a great set from a classic band. There are eleven songs. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a live shot on the Vandals playing live in the early 80s...
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The music is here...


Anonymous said...

I was at this show! It was early 82. Lots of minor "vandalism" Kids spraying mustard from the kitchen ect.. After they pulled the plug, some kids knocked over a stsck of JBL speakers! Very ugly!

Anonymous said...

That's the show where the KPFK tape library got trashed, too. I was drinking 151 with Pat Brown and all of a sudden reel-to-reel tapes are flying everywhere.