Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vandals- two songs from the 'When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared' Compilation...

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Here are two more great songs from the Vandals. These songs were both of their contribution to the 'When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared' LP from 1985. Both of these songs have Stevo on vocals, or obviously I wouldn't be posting them.
I did not post the entire comp because I'm told it is about to be reissued and I try to post only rare or out of print things on here. Either way, the Vandals songs are great. One of them is 'Frogstomp'. When they played this song, they would throw out dead frogs into the crowd and people would throw then back or smash them all over the ground. I have a video of this happening. One day I will post that too. I hope you enjoy these two songs.

Here are two more live shots...
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The music is here...

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