Monday, February 4, 2008

Social Distortion- 1980 Demo

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What a great band! Social Distortion has been around for almost thirty years now and they still release quality records. Not many bands can claim that., most burn out after one or two records. I can listen to any Social Distortion record and still enjoy it, whether it be the first LP or the most recent one.
Here is a four song demo that I have. Three of these songs, All The Answers, Moral Threat and Playpen, are classics and appear on other releases. The fourth song, Smash The Glass, is a different version of the song Telling Them, that is on the first LP. The recording on this is pretty raw, since it is a demo, but the signature sound is still there.

Here is a group picture of the band.
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and here are two live shots of them playing shows in the early 80's
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The music is here...


Anonymous said...

pretty cool social distortion gem . only other band that can claim such a flawless catalogue over a lenghty career is rush(whooops shouldn´t have mentioned this on apunk/hc blog ....)harry lime

johnthepunk said...

What a find! Thanx for posting this!
~ John the Punk