Sunday, August 10, 2008

Samhain- Live At The Ritz 7-14-86 w/ soundboard quality

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Here is a superb quality Samhain set from when they played at the Ritz. This is soundboard quality, so you can clearly hear everything going on.
Everyone knows about Samhain, Danzig's band after the Misfits, blah blah blah. There are quite a few hits played here, including a couple Misfits songs.
I think this is some of the best stuff Danzig has done. Years ago, Samhain was doing a reunion tour and I had tickets for that for months, there was no way I was missing Samhain. So the day of the show, lots of people called me to go with them, but I denied them all because I didn't want to let me seeing Samhain be up to someone else and their car. So it was time to go and my car won't start! I called other people but no one was home, they all had left for the show! Oh no! This was before any of us had cell phones too, so contacting someone when they weren't at home was no easy deal. So I open the hood of the car and I don't know shit about cars, so I get mad and punch the battery. I'm about to give up and accept defeat and I figure I'll try to start it one more time... and... it started! Oh joy! I was a but worried that I would get downtown and it wouldn't start after the show, but it did and the night was great. Samhain... fuck, what a great band!

The music is here...



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