Saturday, August 9, 2008

Altercation- Rehearsal

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Here is a rare Altercation rehearsal. Altercation is a pretty unknown NYHC band, who only released a demo. Most people who are fans of this type of music hold them in pretty high regard. The demo and WNYU set can be found anywhere online, but this rehearsal is a little bit harder to find.
Enjoy the music!

The music is here...


Buske said...

Hell yeah, great post. Great band Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yo, I see you post a lot of demos. There are 2 demos I have been searching for but have not been able to find.
Nobodys Perfect- Demo
Disciplinary Action- Demo

If you have either of these could you post them?

Anonymous said...

Disciplinary Action demo shreds, though I'm not too fond of the silly lyrics. Good band live and good guys If I do remember.

Nobody's Perfect demo was crap. I think they were down with Biohazzard or some shit

Scott W said...

anybody remember a band called BRAWL? They put out a demo back in the day...

Anonymous said...

Damn Bro

How The F did u get this one ??? :)

Out of curiosity I decided to google my old band today to see what comes up 21 years later :)

But man I havent heard these songs in many moons

I still have a shoe box of these many different rehearsals
this complete tape :)

I recorded all our rehearsals

Thank you to all for enjoying and appreciating our music and allowing it to live on for so long ...

Hit me up anyone who'd like

Signed - Crazy Jay Skin :)

Altercation - Warzone - Harleys War