Saturday, August 9, 2008

Half Off- Live At Berkely, CA 3-10-87

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Here is a live set from the cool hardcore band Half Off. Sorry for using the art for their LP for the heading on this post, but it was all I could find!
Half Off is known for their free thinking lyrics which clashed with a lot of the straight edge bands of the time, especially since the singer, Billy Rubin, was pretty outspoken about it. Bypassing all that silly drama, the music is pretty cool, actually having a lot in common with straight edge bands of the time.

The music is here...


Gilberto vonMamerto said...

Great!!!!, thank you Mr!!!!

luguria diy

Anonymous said...

Do you have the demo with original singer, Tim? Great stuff. Only half the band was straight edge too. They were friends of mine and it was very sad what happened to the guitar player. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

the LP rules. DYS cover and all.
never heard the demo.

a friend and i interviewed Billy Rubin outside Zed's circa '90 when he was doing HAYWIRE. He was really into Soundgarden at that point. we never published the zine. it'd be pretty killer if we found th tapes!

Anonymous said...

I actually have this tape from the tape trading days, but no way to digitize to my satisfaction. Thanks alot for putting this up, I still love them after all the years! A real gem!

I have a video from Jan 2 1988, sometime I'd like to get that converted and if I ever do I'll tell you!