Saturday, June 7, 2008

Token Entry- Live At The Wetlands, New York City 6-4-95

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Here is a live set from a Token Entry reunion in 1995.
Token Entry was always a million times better lives than on record. Their first two LP's are still good and listenable, but they don't match the fury and intensity of a live performance.
Story time! When I was a young warrior, growing up, there was this record story called Harmony Park. The guy who ran it was obsessed with frogs, and had the entire back wall of his store filled with frog memorabilia, just thousands and thousands of anything having to do with frogs. He was a cool guy though. So one day, I went up there and on my way, I see a Frogger video game sitting on the curb, waiting to be picked up with the trash. So I get to the store and am looking around and I see a Token Entry shirt for sale. Fuck, I had no job and no money, so...
"Hey, I'll trade you a Frogger arcade game for this Token Entry shirt."
"Does it work?"
"No, but it would make a nice addition to your collection."
"Deal, bring it up here and the shirt is yours"
So I walked back to where I saw it, and dragged that thing all the way to the store. I did drag it too, because the wheels on it were broken. I get back to the store and I asked him to help me bring it in and he's like, "Holy shit! I thought you meant a game for Nintendo or something! You can pick out some other stuff too!" Somehow, he got that game working too, because the next time I was there, he was playing it. Haha. Anyways, that is how I got that great Token Entry shirt, that I still have packed away somewhere.
I don't know much about this reunion set, but the sound is cool and you can hear a lot of crowd interaction. Great band. Great set. Enjoy!
Also, sorry about the 7" art for the picture for this post! It's all that I could find.

The music is here...


Amigos De Los Monos said...

I remember being in the city that day. Grabbing the Village voice and seeing that this concert was happening. I believe it was a matinee. I drove by and it was sold out...

DaddyLL said...

What a great show! Funny story, me and my band of the time (The BloodHound Gang) were in NYC for 3 days hard pressed to finish our CD for Columbia. I’m a old school HC mark, especially for NY since I’m from long island and grew up on it. So when we got news via a mutual friend, myself and one other BHG members played hookie from the studio and “went and got something to eat” translation, took a cab ride to the Wetlands and watched this show. I don’t believe it was a matinee but it was early and ended pretty early. I remember all the Bouncing Souls guys were side stage watching the show, well what there was of a side stage, more like risers. Any case what a great show, Token Entry was always a force to be reckoned with live. Timmy and Ernie need to reband and tour or start a new more explosive project! Some good next level untapped energy there me thinks. Went I got back to the studio, we cough a rash of shit from the label and my other members for eating up paid studio time, but fuck it, I needed the inspiration that only seeing “The Edge” live could bring and you only get to see stuff like that in a rare chance.

Anonymous said...

This was one great fucking show! At times the stage was so crowded you could barely see the drums.