Sunday, June 15, 2008

45 Grave- Autopsy

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Here is the great 45 Grave 'Autopsy' LP. This is a sort of a compilation LP, as it has the first 7", demos and rare songs. The demo songs are of extra note since Pat Smear plays guitar on them.
45 Grave was one of the first 'horror punk' bands and are still around today, in some form or another. The music on here is classic LA punk. I think they pulled off the horror image quite well, without making it seem overly comical, even though many of the bands songs had a good sense of humor.
There is some amazing music here, 'Eye', 'Choices', 'Polyunsaturated Blood', etc. All wonderful songs!
Anyways, this is really good music and I hope that you enjoy it!

The music is here...

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planckzoo said...

Nice post, 45 Grave were an excellent band, it is cool that you are sharing this.
I Just noticed the Faith WMUC show was taken down, is there any way to repost it?