Sunday, June 22, 2008

RF7- Fall In 12"

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Here is the wonderful RF7 'Fall In' 12" from 1982.
"RF7 was formed in 1979, in Simi Valley California. They first appeared on vinyl on the much-acclaimed compilation "Public Service." "Public Service" also included the first recordings from Bad Religion and Circle One, as well as songs from pre-teen veterans Redd Kross. Over twenty thousand copies of "Public Service" were sold, and this gave RF7 much exposure and credibility through association. A following friendship with Redd Kross helped RF7 obtain key bookings with The Circle Jerks, The Chiefs, Fear, The Dead Kennedy's and more. They were also able to record their own first album, "Weight of the World," which lead to touring outside of the LA area."
I think this is the record where the band sounds the best. The two before it are also good, but this one has the speed and power which, to me, makes it the most memorable one. This band is still around today, releasing records and playing shows. Check them out.

The music is here...


jeffen said...

Thanks for the post.

"Jesus Loves You" from American Youth Report was my introduction to RF7, followed years later by the "Weight of the World" LP which I recall being a mixed bag.
Maybe someone will post that one day and I can re-listen.

Colon The Librarian said...

thanx you been after this,cool post

wanderlander said...

Too bad I can't find the Public Service record, that was a good one. Can't seem to open up your files lately, has something changed?

The Enforcer said...
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Sound And Fury said...

ill be uploading that Public Service comp this week, as about 20 people have emailed me requesting it.
also, what does it say when you try to open the files? they open fine on both computers here and i havent changed anything in the way that i upload them.
let me know!

wanderlander said...

COOL! I can't believe this stuff made it so long (what does that say about my "record keeping" skills?).

It wants a password, which I'm assuming I always enter incorrectly.

Sound And Fury said...

my files require no password to open

m45trkllr said...

Damn...haven't heard this band since the early 80's.